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Find out what happens next when Emma visits Plenty.

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Plentiful Farm
A little taste of Chapter 1

Emma spotted the wooden signpost for Plentiful Farm and cried excitedly, “I love coming to Grandma’s! I can’t believe I’m finally getting to sleep over! Which room will I be staying in, Mum? I hope I can stay in your old room.”

    Mum replied, “I know why you’re excited, but remember we’re staying over because Grandma isn’t feeling well. She’s going to need our help on the farm for a while.”

    A little further down the country lane, they turned on to the familiar bumpy farm track bordered by fields of tall wheat and maize. They could see the farmhouse in the distance, with thick smoke coming from the chimney, merging with the dark clouds overhead.

    When they arrived, Grandma was waiting for them in her rocking chair by the fire. “Thank goodness you’re here,” she said quietly.  “Emma, you’re staying in your mum’s old room. It’s all ready for you. Go and bring your bags in before the rain starts. I can feel a storm brewing.”

    “Good idea. We can have a chat while Emma settles in,” said Mum.

    Carrying her bags up the narrow staircase, Emma eagerly made her way to her mum’s old bedroom. She flung open the door and threw her things on the bed just as the storm Grandma promised began. 

    Looking around, she noticed a piece of paper lying on the pillow. The wild weather outside had made the house dark and gloomy, so she reached for the old lamp to see what the paper was. Before she had the chance to switch it on, the room suddenly grew bright and a dark shadow appeared on the wall. She froze in alarm.

    A soft voice said gently, “Hello, Emma. Don’t be afraid. I’ve been sent to ask for your help.”

    To Emma’s amazement, she saw an orange, carrot-shaped creature with long, curly green hair and big, bright eyes sitting on the bed.

    Anxiously, Emma whispered, “Who are you, and where did you come from?”