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Children's Cancer Charity.

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Fun and Educational Author Visits on the menu

Emma Bright and The Super Food Fight is an exciting adventure story with a healthy message about balance and choice for children in key stage 1 and 2. In ten, bite-sized chapters, children will encounter a whole host of fun food characters and have a problem to solve! 

"The joy for us is being able to share our love of writing as well as the healthy message in the story. "

For more information or to book, please use the link below or call 07981 554853. 

Donna Harrison

Hayley Dodsworth

Hayley & Donna came to 1st East Keswick Brownies to kick start work on our 'Healthy Heart' badge.  The girls had a great time at the workshop trying out new things (drama) & really thinking about what they eat & it's benefits.  A great session, would definitely recommend them.


Brown Owl (1st East Keswick Brownies)