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We are supporting a 

Children's Cancer Charity.

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HAYLEY DODSWORTH and DONNA HARRISON are the co-authors of Emma Bright and The Super Food Fight. Pictured here with their children, who have been involved in every element of their author journey, the two families live near Wetherby in North Yorkshire. 

Friends for over a decade, like-minded in their creativity and values, they have produced their new book, Emma Bright and The Super Food Fight, to support parents in the eternal battle at the dinner table.
"Errr ... I'm not eating that!"
Every parent has heard this said at some time and have come up with ways to overcome them.
"Our adventure story tackles this ongoing food fight in a positive, fun and imaginative way without tears at the table." 
We hope you enjoy reading our book and joining in the fun with food area with your children.  A  percentage of the profit from every book sold will be donated to a Children's Cancer Charity.
We have plans underway for a follow up story focusing on a different range of foods with an unexpected twist, tackling another everyday food villain . . .